Over the last few years, a perception has grown among divers that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was dead and hardly worth visiting. However, some recent research shows the divers who visit the reef feel it is alive and well.

Central Queensland University has been working with Dive Queensland to survey how divers judge the quality of diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

According to Dive Queensland President Terry Cummins:

“I was initially concerned about what the research project would find, but happy to hear divers had thought ‘the Reef was dead’ but after diving they were ‘amazed to see the Reef in such great condition.'”

He added,

“Preliminary research results indicate that media reports following the 2016-2017 global marine heatwave and resulting coral bleaching impacts were somewhat sensationalized, creating a perception that the Great Barrier Reef is dead and not worth visiting. It is my understanding that most stakeholders, including divers, have a concern for our coral reefs globally, although in the case of the Great Barrier Reef, in my view it is certainly a long way from being dead.”

Consequently, Dive Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority teamed up at dive trade shows to promote the message that the reef is still alive and well and worth a visit.

Check out a video of the Great Barrier Reef below.

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