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Coral Transplants Could Save The Great Barrier Reef

Coral transplants offer a new hope to the corals of the Great barrier reef.

New Blue Hole Discovered In the Great Barrier Reef

Scientist Johnny Gaskell has discovered a new Blue Hole on the Great Barrier.

Scientist Have Cause For Optimism About The Great Barrier Reef

Badly bleached parts of the great barrier reef appear to be recovering.

PADI Instructor Who Certified 25-Millionth Diver Goes On Dream Trip

Imagine being the instructor to certify the 25-millionth PADI Open Water Diver, and as a result, winning a dream trip to Australia's Great Barrier...

PADI Issues 25 Millionth Certification

In the waning days of PADI's 50th anniversary year, the dive training agency hit one heck of a milestone: It issued its 25 millionth...

Coral Bleaching – Is The Great Barrier Reef Really DEAD?

Back in June, I wrote an article titled Reefs Need Our Help Now. A small portion of that article was concerned with a coral...

Is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef A ‘Last-Chance’ Destination?

While diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef is most likely on just about every diver’s Bucket List, it looks like a fair number of divers...

Reefs Need Our Help Now

Being an active scuba diver, I have seen my share of reefs. Some of them have been great with brilliant colors and teeming with...

Cairns Liveaboards, Not Just for the Experts

Recently, one of my articles on this site was about remote liveaboards. Most of the destinations in that article are for very experienced divers....
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