In a very rare case of interspecies mating, a Whale-Dolphin hybrid has been discovered in the waters off Hawaii.

The cross between a rough-toothed dolphin and a melon-headed whale is the first such creature known to science. What is even more surprising is that melon-headed whales are rare in the waters around Hawaii.

Intrigued by the find, scientists managed to acquire a biopsy sample and conducted a DNA test which confirmed that the animal was indeed a hybrid. According to scientists behind the research, in all likelihood the animal is the product of a male rough-toothed dolphin and a female melon-headed whale.

Scientists behind the project will now try to acquire a DNA sample from the melon-headed whale, as well as some underwater footage of both creatures to shed further light on this most unusual creature.

You can check out a news video about the hybrid below.

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