Drama on Stig World Record dive in Venezuela

At approx. 11:34 am today Stig Severinsen made a second attempt to 67m Constant No Fins. The performance was disqualifed after a blackout on the surface.

Stig successfully touched the plate at 67 meters giving it a spin for good measure before starting his ascent. He was met by safety diver Carlos Coste at approximately 30 meters and upon surfacing gave the crowd an enthusiastic cheer which likely contributed to the Blackout. The dive time was 2:28 seconds.

Unfortunately there was once again a problem with the video documentation only this time it was the bottom camera. Had the performance been clean it would have been a repeat of Saturday´s heartbraker which saw Carlos Coste´s Variable Weight dive to 136 meters deemed invalid for world record ratification.

Carlos`s second attempt will take place tomorrow Wed. the 27th at 11:00am while Stig´s third attempt is tentatively scheduled for Friday.