Last night, Suunto unveiled an innovative recreational dive computer called the D5.

The stylish Nordic design enhances the user experience of the computer, making it suitable for all divers. An intuitive, three-button logic makes it easy for every diver to navigate through the dive modes which include Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Freedive, Watch and compass with intuitive graphical views, transflective display technology and LED backlight and it is rechargeable.

In addition to the new vibrate alarm feature alongside the standard beep alarms, you can set this unit to silent for uninterrupted underwater exploration.

Suunto has added one more language to the translations, and all 18 are also available on the Eon Core and Eon Steel units as well as the D5.

These key features are not, however, what sets this hot little number above the crowds.

You can now download a free app to allow easy sharing both online and with friends and family. It allows you to easily view your dive data and add videos, photos and notes alongside your dives in the log function. The D5 has wireless pressure reading technology when paired with the Suunto Tank Pod, wireless dive log functions and lastly, but by no means least, it has a super-simple exchangeable strap function to customize the look with a selection of 22 diveproof straps to choose from with a further 17 leisure-wear straps. Match your kit or choose between silicon, webbing and leather for a more casual style.

The D5 is being released at the beginning of 2019 and will retail at:

  • Black Lime US$899/649EUR
  • All Black US$899/649EUR
  • White Clear Stainless Steel Parts 599EUR/US$849
  • Acid black Stainless Steel Parts 599EUR/US$849

For more info, check out the Suunto website at

— Victoria Brown

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