Finnish top freedivers hounding national records for charity

Three Finnish freedivers Eero Soralahti, JussiLehtonen and Jyri Vehmaskoski are planning to break Finnish national records infive freediving disciplines. The aim of the event is to collect donations for multiplesclerosis and leukemia patiences treatment and rehabilitation developmentresearch and break Finnish national records in Constant Weight, Constant Weightwithout Finns, Free Immersion, Variable Weight and No Limit.

Any funds collected to the donation account will be100% forwarded to the Finnish Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and CancerFoundation for research of treatment and rehabilitation methods. Medicalresearch in Finland is of a very high standard, and this research will overtime help patients all over the world. Anyone, from any country can make adonation – private citizens as well as companies.

The guys are keeping a blog where they are reportingday to day how the project proceeds. The first new national record was done onSaturday 26th July 2008 when Eero Soralahti did 61 meters in FreeImmersion improving the previous record done just two weeks ago.

Read more about the fundraising, training and upcomingresults from the blog! Great videos, pics and reviews included.