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Shark Angels Premieres in South Africa

The highly anticipated short documentary, aiming to shift the public’s view ofsharks and focus much needed attention on their conservation, will premiere in Durban,South Africa at the Wavescapes/IFC Film Festival on July 31st. Julie Andersen,a Founder and Director of Shark Savers, and one of the three Shark Angels willbe in attendance to host a discussion about their mission after the screening.  Join three
exceptional young women – Julie Andersen, founder of Shark Savers, Alison Kock,marine biologist for Save our Seas, and Kim McCoy, Executive Director of Sea ShepherdConservation Society – on an
adventure of a lifetime to experience, celebrate and protect what are oftenconsidered the most dangerous animals on the planet: sharks.  Their goal? To get up close & personal,outside the safety of cages,
with what are considered the world’s most dangerous sharks and give the world anew perspective on sharks, proving they aren’t what they seem.  And, to save the fiercest predators on theplanet that now desperately need their help.

The film, directed and produced by Shawn Heinrichs of Blue Sphere Media with EricCheng of WetPixel serving as Director ofPhotography, marks the beginning of the Shark Angels television series, inwhich viewers can join the Angels on their adventures around the world, as theAngels challenge myths about different shark species, explore the wonders ofthe oceans, spread their powerful message and come face to face with thevillains destroying their beloved sharks. From Fiji to Australia to SouthAfrica to the Bahamas, they journey to different locations, each timeencountering new shark species, new conflicts and new enemies. The Shark Angelsrepresent the new generation of shark conservationists — cool, capable,educated and young — and have brought their organizations together for the firsttime to combat the myths about sharks and expose the sad truth that sharks arebeing chased to extinction. The Shark Angels believe that society’s irrationalfear of sharks explains the general lack of desire to protect and conservethem. Through awareness and understanding, they aim to change that and ensurethat sharks survive to play their important role in maintaining the oceans –and ultimately, humankind’s own survival.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.