The Norwegian Frigate Helge Ingstad sank in the approaches to Bergen Norway last month after a collision with a merchant tanker. Now the Norwegian Navy has released footage showing the extensive damage the vessel suffered as well as efforts by divers to remove missiles from the sunken warship.

The navy has confirmed that all weapons have been removed from the ship’s deck, and plans are now been formulated to float her. Discussing the dive operations Bengt Berdal head of the diving unit stated :

“All diving assignments we undertake require detailed planning and thorough preparation. We must be able to solve the assignments we are given while providing as low a risk as possible…. Our biggest concern [during this mission] is an increased movement of the vessel.”

The attempt to raise the Helge Ingstad will take place after the Christmas period due to the number of preparations that need to be made. An investigation has found that the ship sinking was caused by a chain of Human errors.

You can check out footage of the damaged vessel below.

You can also watch Norwegian EOD divers remove missiles from the Frigate below.

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