Goran Colak Wins Fazza Freediving Championship 2012

Reporting live from the Sheikh bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex, Divas In Dubai has announced the final results from the 2012 Fazza Freediving Championships. 2012 is definitely shaping up to be the year of Goran Colak who handily completed an enormous static apnea without the assistance of any equipment, as he held himself a couple of meters down on a line in a pool. World champion freediver Goran Colak of Croatia executed a winning performance that lasted eight minutes and :53 seconds. Placing a respectable second was Alexey Molchanova, who successfully held his breath for seven minutes and :45 seconds. Coming in third was Branko Petrovic, with a static of seven minutes and :05 seconds. DeeperBlue.com heartily congratulates Goran on winning the Fazza Freediving Championships.

WINNER Goran Colak = 8:53 STA

2nd place  Alexey Molchanova = 7:45 STA

3rd place Branko Petrovic = 7:05 STA

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