Friday, May 24, 2024

Green Fins Initiative Photography Best Practices Guidance Published


A new updated Green Fins Environmental Best Practice for Underwater Photographers poster has been published by the Reef-World Foundation.

The new guidelines are based on research findings by the foundation and aim at offering divers and snorkelers the best practices they should adopt when taking pictures or videos in the water. The guidance is designed to help protect and preserve our precious marine ecosystems.

The ethos underlying the guidance is to reduce stress and damage to coral. In the excitement of taking pictures or videos of the underwater world, buoyancy issues can cause collisions with the reef. Occasionally, photographers opt to manipulate marine life in search of the perfect photo op.

According to Reef-World Programs Manager Samantha Craven:

“Underwater photography is a powerful conservation tool that can bring the delights of the ocean to the surface and foster connection with the marine environment. However, if poorly managed, it can damage the very animals we love to photograph. Our research showed that divers holding a camera (either compact or SLR) accounted for 52.7% of observed diver contacts with the reef. These guidelines will help everyone – from operators to photographers themselves — reduce their impact and protect future photography subjects!”

You can find out more about the Reef-World Foundation here, the Green Fins Initiative here or check out the poster below.

Green Fins Underwater Photography Best Practices Poster
Green Fins Underwater Photography Best Practices Poster
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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