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Halcyon Dive Systems Unveils Flare EXP Primary Light, Carbon Fiber Single Tank Adapter


Halcyon Dive Systems recently announced it has launched two new products: the Flare EXP dive light and the Carbon Fiber Single Tank Adapter (STA).

The Flare EXP has many of the same features of its larger brother, the Flare, but now in a smaller package. It’s designed to be easily transported, stored in a pocket and powerful enough to lead an extreme cave dive — even on half power — yet simple enough for a recreational reef dive.

Halcyon Dive Systems' Flare EXP dive light
Halcyon Dive Systems’ Flare EXP dive light

Specs for the Flare EXP, which retails for US$820 (~690 Euros) include:

– Handheld or EO options
– New cool-grey blue light head color
– Approximately 2.5 hours’ burn time on high and five hours on low (with 2.6 AmpH battery pack)
– Approximately five hours’ burn time on high and 10 hours on low (with 5.2 AmpH battery pack)
– 11,500 lux at 1m (3ft) – 1,700 lux at 3m (10ft) on high power
– Handheld weight: 0.57 kg / 1.25 lbs
– Light head with EO weight: 0.43 kg / 0.95lbs
– Dimensions (handheld with 2.6 AmpH battery and adjustable handle): 18.4cm/7.25 inches x 10cm/4 inches
– Packaged in a new Voyager case.

Halcyon says the Carbon Fiber Single Tank Adapter is ideal for the traveling diver seeking to reduce luggage weight. Its sleek design allows the BC system to be mated closer to the cylinder versus the stainless-steel STA, allowing the diver’s cylinder and valve to be closer to them while diving.

The Carbon Fiber STA is a great solution for divers who enjoy their standard or small Carbon Fiber backplate and wish to reduce the overall weight of their dive system. It’s hand-crafted and not stamped from a template.

Halcyon Dive Systems' Carbon Fiber STA
Halcyon Dive Systems’ Carbon Fiber STA

Specs for the Carbon Fiber STA, which retails for $185 (~156 Euros) include:

– Black Carbon Fiber
– 0.11 kg / 0.25 lbs (without straps)
– .07 kg / 1.55 lbs (with straps)
– 6.35cm/2.5inches x 34.92cm/13.75inches
– Attaches securely to Halcyon single cylinder BC systems
– Four slots included for desired cylinder mounting strap location

One thing to note: This Single Tank Adapter does not have a weight insert option.

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John Liang
John Liang
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