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Hammerhead Spearguns Showcases New Dive Mask, Gloves At DEMA Show 2016

Hammerhead Spearguns, an innovative spearfishing equipment manufacturer based out of Hawaii took some time today to discuss a couple of the new products they are sharing with us here at DEMA Show 2016.

As a company that had a humble beginning in the kitchen sink of owner Kevin Sakuda, their products have always been customized to improve the accuracy and utility for working and recreational divers. When this all began, the product lines consisted of speargun muzzles and has grown to include many other items with specialized technology. They are a company that prides themselves in designing cutting-edge new innovations to create smarter, superior designs.

The first new product that is being sold at the show this year is their Action Camera Ready Mask (US$79.99/75.54 Euros). The mounting kit has been combined with the MV3 frame to allow divers to capture first-person perspective while hunting. This low-volume, frameless mask is also constructed with high quality optical grade lenses which is available with three lens options. The lenses are available in Ultra Clear, ARC Purple, Mirrored and Amber. The ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) technology is great for low light conditions due to its ability to reduce light reaction and in turn increasing the amount of light transmitted to the divers eye. The amber lenses work to increase contrast which can be very helpful when spotting cryptic species during your underwater adventures. Another wonderful option is the mirrored lenses which provides some tint to help protect eyes in bright surface conditions. An added bonus is the mirrored reflection can sometimes prove intriguing to much of the wildlife we encounter while exploring the depths of the sea.

Hammerhead Spearguns' new Action Camera Ready Mask
Hammerhead Spearguns’ new Action Camera Ready Mask

Another great product that was on display at the show this year is the ‘TPR’ Dentex glove. These gloves have been constructed with cut-resistant technology to prevent piercing of the flesh while hunting or diving in conditions that pose a danger due to sharp objects in the environment. Show goers could easily see how effective this strong fiber is when representatives at the booth demonstrated by slicing the palm of the glove with a well-sharpened dive knife. This design also includes an added rubber pad on the top side of the hands to bring additional protection from banging your hands up during lobster dives and spearfishing expeditions. Consumers can take home a pair of these with this upgraded technology for US$35.00/33.05 Euros.

Hammerhead Spearguns' New 'TPR' Dentex glove
Hammerhead Spearguns’ New ‘TPR’ Dentex glove

We look forward to see what exciting and creative designs are to come for the diving community from Hammerhead Spearguns in the near future.

For more information, check out the company website at

By Natalie Blea DEMA Team DEMA Team
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