Hollywood Execs Launch Exclusive Dive Club

Hollywood Execs Launch Exclusive Dive Club (Image credit: Pier Nirandara)
Hollywood Execs Launch Exclusive Dive Club (Image credit: Pier Nirandara)

Several Hollywood film executives have launched an exclusive club for passionate scuba divers.

As Pier Nirandara, Columbia Pictures’ director of development, international content, told The Hollywood Reporter:

“If I can face a shark head-on, Hollywood doesn’t seem so daunting. It’s not as common as, say, people who play golf, but we’re definitely around. Once you’ve dived with someone and all goes well, you have this bond you’re not able to replicate in other situations.”

Morgan Howell, vice president for production and development at Hodson Exports, says:

“I’ve always worked in studio movies where our entire job is to create new worlds for people. My favorite world, literally, is underwater. Diving for me is my comfort and sense of peace. It’s an untapped landscape I love to visit. It’s a really great juxtaposition with the round-the-clock crazy momentum of Hollywood.”

They’ve coined the temporary name “Hollywood Divers” for their group, a name which they’ll probably have to change if they don’t want to be confused with the Hollywood Divers dive shop in Los Angeles.

Check out the full story at The Hollywood Reporter.

(Image credit: Pier Nirandara)