How We Are Helping: #DiveStrong


Brian Carney, president of International Training which encompasses agencies like SDI, TDI, Performance Freediving International and others, recently put out a video introducing the #DiveStrong movement.

According to an email he sent out:

“In the face of uncertainty, the diving industry will remain strong. By joining together, unified under our two dive flags, we will help those of us who are struggling in these difficult times. It’s time to put aside our differences and band together as one force for diving and all of the amazing things it can bring to the world.

“This unification, this movement, is known as DiveStrong.”

The video shows Carney and an assortment of divers from across the globe sharing why they’re passionate about diving and raising their flags in support of the industry.

Carney is also calling on divers to do their part by:

* Creating a video stating who you are, where you’re from, and why you are passionate about diving.
* At the end of the video, raise your dive flag and be sure to say “Hashtag DiveStrong.”
* Share the video on all of your social media accounts. Include #DiveStrong in your post so others can see it.
* To add the DiveStrong overlay to your Facebook Profile Photo, visit Facebook and search for “DiveStrong”

For more info, go to or check out the video below.

(Photo credit: Steve Halama)