ICARE Nominations 2007

ICARE, the International Center for Apnea Recognition and Education, has announced the nominations for a number of recognised representatives in the following various categories of freediving, who have achieved in some sport or artistic endeavour.

Best Female Freediver 20071. Karoline MEYERBrasil43,48%
2. Sara CAMPBELLUK36,02%
3. Natalia MOLCHANOVARussia18,48%
4. Elisabeth KRISTOFFERSENNorway2,02%
Best Male Freediver 20071. Herbert NITSCHAustria84,67%
2. Stig Aavall SEVERINSENDenmark6,45%
3. Dave MULLINSNew Zealand5,65%
4. William TRUEBRIDGENew Zealand3,23%
Best Female Revelation 20071. Sara CAMPBELLUK51,05%
2. Jarmila SLOVENCIKOVACzech Republic22,13%
3. Elisabeth KRISTOFFERSENNorway14,29%
4. Ariana PANTAZICyprus12,53%
Best Male Revelation 20071. Dave MULLINSNew Zealand51,98%
2. William TRUEBRIDGENew Zealand17,82%
3. Nicolas GUERRYSwitzerland15,84%
4. Alexandros CHADIARISGreece14,36%
Best National Institution 20071. Dansk Fridykkerforbund – AIDA DenmarkDenmark44,06%
2. AIDA BrasilBrasil36,27%
3. NZUA – AIDA New ZealandNew Zealand17,62%
4. AIDA CyprusCyprus2,05%
Best Captain/Coach 20071. Mads BECKER JORGENSENDenmark32,63%
2. Marcus GREATWOODUnited Kingdom27,9%
3. John WRIGHTNew Zealand20,01%
4. Sebastian NÄSLUNDSweden19,47%
Best International Judge 20071. Marcello DE MATTEISItaly62,01%
2. Mouna GHOSSOUBLebanon17,03%
3. Bill STRÖMBERGSweden16,59%
4. Fran ROSE-DAVIDSONNew Zealand4,37%

Special ICARE Trophy 2007
(Jury prizes for special situations/circumstances/persons)

Loïc LEFERME (†) &
Dimitris VASSILAKIS (†)

France &



The counting of the votes will be done by ICARE, in the presence and under control of two neutral people who do not belong to the association.Circulation of the final results and allocation of awards will be done between December 15th and 25th each year.


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