International Shark Photo Exposition

To create awareness to the worldwide shark-finning problem, the Protect the Sharks Foundation has created the International Shark Photo Exposition (ISPE).

Sharks are particularly vulnerable to overexploitation because they reproduce very slowly. Some species reach sexual maturity at an age of 15-20 years and produce
relatively few young. Because of this, they have hardly a chance to recover ones depleted.

The exposition consists of unique photographs made by some of the world’s best UW-photographers.  The host organisation can select its own exposition from a large number of images. Photographs of many shark species are available. 

The next exhibition of the ISPE will be from November 30 – December 2, 2007 at the North Sea Film Festival in the Hague, Netherlands. Download the ISPE brochure (3.5mb PDF) to read more about the exposition, or visit the Protect the Sharks Foundation to learn about other shark conservation projects.

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