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Scuba DivingFurther inquest into diver's death

Further inquest into diver's death


Further information has been written in the press concerning the death of honeymooner Tina Watson who died in a diving accident in 2003.

State Coroner David Glasgow this week opened an inquest into the suspicious death of Christina Mae Watson on the shipwreck of the Yongala, 89km southeast of Townsville. The inquest has heard how her husband who is a trained rescue diver, joked that for an extra 10 USD she could obtain a million dollar life insurance policy.

The court has also heard 16 different accounts of the accident from her husband Gary Watson.

The dramatic moment when Mr. Singleton, the trip director on the dive boat Spoil Sport, began his desperate rescue bid – with her body shown in the distance – was inadvertently captured on camera by American diver Gary Stempler.

The photo of Mrs Watson on the ocean floor which has been published worldwide in the news, has become a key piece of evidence before the inquest.

He said his wife got into difficulty during strong currents and panicked.

He claimed she knocked his face mask off and the regulator out of his mouth and, unable to calm her, he headed for the surface.

Mr Watson, who abandoned his wife underwater, is a trained rescue diver and was taught how to rescue distressed or unconscious divers.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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