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It's Official – A New Variable Ballast World Record By Tanya Streeter

Tanya Streeter - Sled Turks and Caicos – Defying physics and critics alike, World Champion Freediver and Redbull Athlete, Tanya Streeter shattered another Freediving World Record on Monday July 21st  2003 making history once again in the Turks and Caicos islands. Tanya broke the record for both the men’s and women’s Freediving in the Variable Weight category resulting in her eighth World Record to date confirming her status as the strongest Freediver in the world.

John Skipping of the Turks and Caicos Islands Department of Tourism said "Following last year’s achievement of breaking both the women’s and men’s No Limits Freediving World Record, we were excited to have Tanya return to train for five weeks at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa with her Turks and Caicos island based safety dive team to attempt a further world record". The training and hard work paid off for Streeter who has mastered her own physiology in order to perfect her Freediving record  attempts.  The Redbull athlete descended to 122m/400feet on a single breath of air returning to the surface under her own power in a dive time of 3 minutes 38 seconds.  This is a major accomplishment as most elite Freedivers are unable to tolerate the extreme burn of lactic acid and carbon dioxide build-up during a sprinting ascent over two minutes long while holding their breath, said Paul Streeter, Tanya’s manager.

"Most Freedivers require the aid of an inflated liftbag to return them from such crushing depths.  Tanya has trained over the past 3 months for her body to push past these obstacles in order to redefine the limits of Freediving," said Streeter. An important piece of equipment that aides in the Freediving champs ability to determine her depth is the TAG Heuer Aquagraph watch which is capable of descending to 660ft (200 metres) and is essential when diving to such extreme depths.

"I have surpassed my own expectations and belief of myself with such a deep dive, and am very excited about inspiring other Freedivers to surpass this mark," said Streeter. "I am ecstatic to have been able to make my World record attempt in the Turks and Caicos as it really is the perfect environment for such a challenge. The waters around these islands are clear, warm, deep and calm which is exactly what is needed for me and the safety team.  There is also all the physical and technical support of trained and professional mixed gas divers required to support my attempt and the logistical support of an on-island hyperbaric facility for their safety.

Throughout Tanya’s career she has held 7 world records but had never attempted this discipline saying " this discipline is for the hardened freediver only". The Variable Ballast world record is now the fourth deep Freediving World Record currently held by athlete Tanya Streeter.  No other freediver, male or female, has attempted to break and hold all four deep Freediving World Records simultaneously.  Tanya’s current records include the Constant Weight, Free Immersion, No Limits and Variable Weight disciplines, the latter being considered one of the most difficult. 

For more information, photographs or to interview Tanya, contact Paul Streeter at and until the 25th of July via phone at 1 649 946 8000.

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.


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