Liberty Rebreather Summit In Italy A Great Success

Liberty Rebreather summit in Italy
Liberty Rebreather summit in Italy

Last October, we reported on the planned Liberty Rebreather Instructor summit in Genoa, Italy.

Now we can report that the event has been a great success, which provided not only an excellent opportunity for networking, as well as some great options in exploring the wreck of the Haven Tanker wreck. Renowned divers who attended the summit include:

  • Becky Kagan Schott.
  • Edoardo Pavia.
  • Edmund Yiu.
  • Nick Jewson.
  • Axel Söhngen.

Although the weather disrupted the diving on day one of the summit, this gave the group a great opportunity to network and exchange valuable insights, as well as an introduction to the new Liberty Light rebreather unit.

Commenting on his experience, Hong Kong-based Edmund You stated:

“I enjoyed the summit very much because I met and dove with people from around the world, something I don’t usually have the opportunity to do. Moreover, I had never dove the Haven wreck before. Overall, even with the bad weather on the first day, it was an amazing experience.”

Due to the success of the event, organizers are now planning a second rebreather summit. The event will take place in Key Largo, Florida on April 18-19, 2020. Unlike the first event, this one will be open to all Liberty users, not just Instructors.