Liv Philip & Jesper Stechmann Crowned Champions of 2014 Freediving Cup Circuit

The inaugural 2014 Freediving Cup Circuit has finished and British athlete Liv Philip and Danish athlete Jesper Stechmann have been crowned as champions of this unique Freediving event.

The Cup itself consisted of two events – 7th Mediterranean World Cup  & 2014 AIDA EuroCup both organised by the Freediving Club Greece.  The winner of the 2014 Freediving Cup Circuit will be determined by adding the scores from the 7th Mediterranean World Cup and the 2014 AIDA EuroCup.

The winners walked off with €1500 in cash, whilst second placed athletes took home €500 and third place got €250.

The Rankings

Congratulations to all the athletes and winners.

2014 Freediving Cup Circuit - Liv and Jesper

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