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Liv Philip takes World's Absolute Freediver Award 2010

Lyon, France: Today, January 18th 2011, the results of the annual award for the best and the most complete breath-hold divers were announced. This award is based on the AIDA World Ranking list of each year, and is unique.

The award is given to the Freediver with the highest combined score in six freediving disciplines: static apnea, dynamic apnea with fins, dynamic apnea without fins (pool disciplines), constant weight with fins, constant weight without fins, and free immersion (depth disciplines).

The complete results can be found at

Liv Philip (UK) has surprised the freediving community by stepping up past Natalia Molchanova who was at the top since 2003.  Liv has swooped up the award this year, and is an experienced freediver with a huge collection of gold medals from many competitions, and has been on the top ten list several times.

Liv Philip

Liv Philip (Photo: London Freediving.Org)

The second rank of Rosibel Molina (Cuba) is a newcomer to freediving and and has only participated in a single competition (PFI Déjà Blue on Cayman Islands). The third female rank belongs to the Swedish freediver Klara Hansson (5th in 2009).

In the men’s section first place was won by William Trubridge. Trubridge won the award despite competing only in five of the six disciplines in 2010. He also also broke the all-time highest score of Natalia Molchanova. Danish freedivers took second and third place; Niels-Jakob Hansen on the second, and Rune Hallum Sørensen on the third rank.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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