First "carbon neutral" scuba diving travel

A new scuba diving organization opened in Dupont Circle (Washington D.C.) has announced today the first program of “carbon neutral” scuba travel opportunities for DC, Maryland, and Virginia divers.

The organisation, namely Blue Planet Scuba, has teamed up with TerraPass to make all of their trips carbon neutral by sponsoring clean energy and carbon reduction projects that result in a measurable reduction in carbon emissions.  According to Blue Planet Scuba, the carbon dioxide produced by air travel, hotels, and scuba for each trip is “offset” by farm power, landfill gas capture, and wind energy projects. It is believed that carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global climate change and Blue Planet is offering these “offsets” as an important step toward sustainable travel.

The mission of Blue Planet Scuba is to provide education and travel experiences to divers in Washington, D.C., while “harnessing the excitement and adventure of scuba to help protect the fragile oceans”. The first of these trips will be to Cozumel, Mexico February 18-22nd with four days of scuba diving and opportunities to learn about local marine life. Full details are online at Blue Planet Scuba.

First "carbon neutral" scuba diving travel 1