The London Diving Chamber in the U.K. announced earlier this week that due to National Health Service budget cuts, the facility will close this coming March 31st.

The hyperbaric chamber completed more than “10,000 dives . . . in support of divers, dry divers, course attendees and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy patients,” according to an announcement on the facility’s Facebook page.

“The whole team wish to thank everyone for their support over the last fifteen years including our patients, students, dive medicals, divers, working partners and friends.

“This unique facility is run by a team of dedicated people who have been on hand every day in case of a dive emergency and it is a great shame to lose this service but we be running until the end of March.”

Divers in need of a decompression chamber — whether for dive medicals or emergency treatment — can use the Midlands Diving Chamber.

Regardless of where you live, as a diver it’s always a good idea to know where your nearest hyperbaric chamber is.

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