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Look Out Divers: Light & Motion is Coming for Your Canisters

DeeperBlue.com stopped by the Light & Motion booth at DEMA Show 2019 to check out what’s new, and Underwater Imaging rep Karl Lindstrom was happy to tell us all about it.

Dive Pro 2000 ($499.99/£388.31/€453.64 MSRP)

The bright folks at Light & Motion have designed this light to pack all the illumination-power of a canister light into the small space of the standard Sola body. The Dive Pro 2000 can produce up to 2,000 lumens at the highest setting, which it can maintain for up to 45 minutes. At lower powers, the lifespan increases drastically, lasting 120 minutes at 1,000 lumens, and a staggering 720 minutes on the lowest setting of 200 lumens. With that much power focused into an 8° spot in a body weighing less than a pound, bulky canister lights might go the way of the dinosaurs.

Video Pro 15000 ($1499.99/£1164.93/€1360.92 MSRP)

The new development in the Sola imaging line is the Video Pro 15000. This powerful beast delivers up to 15,000 lumens, to flawlessly illuminate even wide-angle shots. In fact, it could replace your strobes altogether. And there’s a surprise inside! Light & Motion has engineered this body to be compatible with both the Sola submarine light and Stella, its topside counterpart. The Stella head comes complete with a built-in fan to disperse heat that would normally diffuse in the water, making it the perfect light for photographers who want to capture images of destination weddings, underwater wonders, and everything between. Why carry a light for each purpose when you could pack one that works for all of them?

The Red Spot

Rooooxannnnne! You don’t have to turn on this red light, but military navigators and lobsters hunters alike are going to have a hard time resisting. The new red spot is a modification on the Sola Photo 1200 — the red filter and white flood are reversed so that red is the default mode. Find your way in the dark or stuff your bug-bag, either way, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it.

Whether you’re capturing images, lobsters, or just memories, Light & Motion has a solution that’ll have you beaming.

For more info, check out their website at lightandmotion.com.

Erin Durbin-Sherer
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