While visiting the Mares booth at DEMA Show 2016, DeeperBlue.com had the chance to chat with Rick Trapp, Mares product manager and lab instructor about the company’s spearfishing product line.

Mares is home to a series of powerful pneumatic guns (starting price: US$300/283 Euros). Distinguished by a matte black exterior, they are part of an expansion of the company’s speargun line, says Rick, “in a push to bring the right gun to the right diver,” whether they be breath-holders or bubble-makers.

Mares also has a impressive lineup of band guns ranging from 45cm/1.5-foot guns to the deep blue guns that exceed 100cm/3 feet.

The reasonably priced Bandit starts at US$90/85 Euros and includes a shark clip that will allow you to attach it to a BCD or float line).

For more info, check out Mares’ entire spearfishing product line at mares.com.

Be safe and happy hunting friends!

— By Mike Sasso

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