The folks at SWES Technology were at DEMA Show 2016 this week, showing off their water-powered dive light.

This idea sounds eco-friendly to me and that is exactly what the people at SWES Holdings Inc. have in store for the future of diving.

The best way I could describe it is, the light houses a Graphite rod on one end and a Magnesium alloy rod on the other. A separate bank of Graphite and Magnesium is set up opposite of the first group, giving the energy cell its polarity. The minerals in the water complete the circuit for this eco-friendly battery.

The company also said they have been able to conduct electricity from places like Waste Management treatment facilities which is some “bigger idea” thinking.

The SWES folks say they’re working on a larger-size prototype called the “Rescue Unit.” The hope of the “Rescue Unit” is to power as much as three hospitals. Maybe this is the future of “green energy.”

Want to see more? Check out the company’s website at

By Mike Sasso

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