Maverick America LLC is putting the finishing touches on the 2019 line of Steve Alexander spearguns.

As Maverick America Founding Partner Mark Laboccetta writes on his LinkedIn page:

“My partner and I have been working on the 2019 Steve Alexander Speargun line for nearly two years now. Steve Alexander invented the ENCLOSED TRACK spear retaining system now featured on almost every blue water speargun on the market so we have [tried] to live up to his mark in the industry. This will be the first production speargun made in North Carolina. We have a great wood craftsman Charley Taro building this new concept in Speargun designs with me.”

Laboccetta wrote that he was “encouraged” by the pre-orders that are already coming in. Pictured above is a Steve AlexanderAll Teak” model and a “Purple Heart/Teak” version.

For more info about the Steve Alexander speargun line, send Laboccetta an email at [email protected].

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