Monday, August 2, 2021

Molchanovs Freediving Education Announce Membership Pause


Molchanovs Freediving Education, the education arm of the company set up by Russian World Champion Freediver Alexey Molchanov, has announced that all professionals teaching under the system will have their membership paused whilst they are out of the water due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Teaching professionals have been sent instructions on how to pause their membership as well as recommendations on how to make the most of being out of the water.  Once instructors get back in the water teaching again they can resume their membership.

This is in addition to the launch of the Molchanovs Movement to help freedivers around the world cope with the current global situation caused by the Coronavirus.

Every day, the movement will be releasing content on various platforms, with the aim of giving freedivers the tools to be able to practice and train from home, to improve their in-water performance later on.

Molchanovs Freediving Education Announce Membership Pause 3
Stephan Whelan
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