Murex Bangka Resort in Indonesia has announced the opening of six new Deluxe Ocean view rooms at its resort.

The new rooms add a touch of luxury to the resort and enable guests to access the beach, and points of view easily. The rooms are located on the side of a hill, giving guests the perfect view of the beach and creating a pleasant environment thanks to the ocean breeze. Features of the new rooms include:

  • Twin or double room configuration.
  • Ensuite bathrooms.
  • Complimentary drinking water.
  • Large floor to ceiling windows.
  • Air conditioning throughout the night.
  • Day beds located on large verandas outside the rooms.

Murex Bangka Resort is the only location in North Sulawesi that provides air-conditioned at night, and full AC power throughout the day (although it is limited from 7 am to 5 pm).

Check out the video below of diving Bangka Island.

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