The venerable Boston Sea Rovers dive club has a new president: Nick Fazah.

The announcement came over the past weekend during the nonprofit organization’s annual International Clinic.

Fazah (second from right in the above photo) is president and joint owner of ECDivers Inc. He’s been teaching diving since 2004 and started diving at the age of 13. He succeeds underwater photographer Ethan Gordon.

According to Fazah’s Facebook post:

“It is with tremendous and incredible pride that I move forward and take the reins of the Boston Sea Rovers. For 65 years the Sea Rovers have been dedicated to raising awareness, knowledge, and promoting conservation of the underwater world. Those who have headed up this incredible organization in the past are legends and explorers of the highest caliber. I won’t lie, I’m flooded with feelings of passion, love, and admittedly some trepidation. I don’t take this appointment lightly, and I sincerely hope that I can do my predecessors and all those who have come to love the Boston Sea Rovers proud!”

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