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Scientists Find Pineapple Peel Helps Boost Nile Tilapia Growth


Researchers from RUDN University in Russia have found that Nile Tilapia growth can be augmented and boosted by the use of pineapple peel powder.

Scientists found that the cheap food supplement performed well and could be a big boost to alleviating food poverty by increasing the productivity of fish farms.

As a bonus, the researchers found that the supplement also boosted the fish’s immune response in increasing its resilience to infections. According to Morteza Yousefi, associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at RUDN University:

“Crop waste can be an environmentally safe and cost-effective means of controlling fish infections. Feed additives are not medicines, but a diet enriched with them contributes to the development of safe microflora in the water on farms and in the intestines of fish. Harmless microbes limit the spread of dangerous pathogens. In addition, agricultural products contain a lot of nutrients. For example, pineapple peel, which accounts for up to 42% of the weight of each fruit, is rich in fiber, protein, and pectin.”

He added:

“Pineapple supplements have a positive effect on the growth and immunity of tilapia. Biologically active components of the plant, such as the bromelain, can play a role. It stimulates the activity of the immune system and promotes the functioning of the intestines. Other substances in pineapple can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the fish’s body. But we also showed that the supplement should be included in the diet in small amounts. An excess of plant fiber restricts the growth of fish, and prolonged stimulation of the immune system by supplements leads, on the contrary, to suppression of immune responses.”

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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