Mokarran, an eco-friendly clothing brand dedicated to ocean lovers, was launched in French Polynesia three years ago and now has a store dedicated to the U.S. market.

The image of a shark was the obvious choice for Mokarran’s logo as it’s a natural reference to the brand’s commitment to the oceans and especially to marine life.

Mokarran 'Shape' T-shirt
Mokarran ‘Shape’ T-shirt

The company’s name comes from “Sphyrna Mokarran,” the scientific name for the great hammerhead shark, a mythical animal for divers, combining power and elegance.

A passion for wildlife led Mélo Véron and Vincent Truchet to scuba diving, and consequently to co-found Mokarran.

Mokarran 'Contact' T-shirt
Mokarran ‘Contact’ T-shirt

Initially distributed exclusively in French Polynesia in February 2017, the two launched an online store,, allowing the brand to open up to the rest of the world.

Because the USA is the third country in terms of visitors to the website, Mokarran this year created an American version of its online store —

Mokarran 'Life is better in diving' T-shirt
Mokarran ‘Life is better in diving’ T-shirt

This site is dedicated only and exclusively to the customers in the United States, with all the products featured on the site manufactured and printed locally in Los Angeles, California. This new online store also provides better production and delivery times for U.S. residents.

For more info, go to and with a subscription to their newsletter you get a 10% discount. You can also check them out on Facebook or Instagram.


  1. A very special brand for all ocean lovers with sleek and artistic designs and positive values of respect

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