Oceaner’s wetsuits have been at the top of the line of freediving wetsuits for a long time. As Oceaner founder and owner Gary Mallender says:

“When you buy an Oceaner wetsuit it may cost you little more, but it is the high quality you pay for.”

With Oceaner, you are getting a suit which is durable to withstand any diving condition, ranging from tropical waters to harsh underwater environments like the Pacific Northwest.

And you can be assured to always stay warm and comfortable.

The recreational 45 is made with the high-end, ultra-flexible Yamamoto 45 neoprene with an ultra-stretch lycra on the outside. Oceaner’s Performance Freediver wetsuits utilize biothermic inner to provide warmer more comfortable experience.

All Oceaner wetsuits can be ordered at stock sizes or customized for an additional charge of US$125/118 Euros (which is highly recommended).

Oceaner also offers custom logos and color patterns. The color choices include black, gold, silver, blue, red, graphite, and magenta.

As for pricing: the 3 mm rec 45 black retains for $479/452 Euros; the 5 mm rec 45 black retails for $549/518 Euros; and the 6mm rec 45 black retails for $606/572 Euros. Custom color patterns retail for $40-$50/38 Euros-47 Euros and kneepads/loading pads go for $40/38 Euros. Custom logos cost $30 for the lycra wetsuits and $100 for competition wetsuits.

For more info, check out the Oceaner website, as well as its Instagram and Facebook pages.

(Above Photo: Founder and owner Gary Mallender with his son Mitch Mallender)

By Vaclav Havlik

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