Dive trip booking site Diviac announced at DEMA Show 2016 that it is now offering eco-trips.

By teaming up with conservation companies from several different countries, Diviac now offers trips for environmentally-conscious divers that educate on locally protected animals and allow marine life interactions in sustainable, responsible ways.

Diviac is a dive trip booking site which features the lowest prices on liveaboards, dive centers, and diving resorts in over 150 countries around the world.

Head of marketing Sandro Lonardi calls Diviac “the Booking.com for the dive industry.” Artfully illustrated with iconic photographs from world-class diving destinations, the booking site is simple, easy to use, and offers search filters to target your dream dive trip.

Each of the 50,000 listed dive sites, 250 liveaboards, and 1000 dive centers contains information on commonly seen animals in a graphical form, allowing you to plan your trip around that whale shark siting. All of this information is kept up-to-date by syncing dive logs from the diving community.

For more information on the new eco-trips and thousands of other dive destinations, visit Diviac.com.

— By Alexander Finden


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