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FreedivingThe One Breath Jamboree is Starting Today

The One Breath Jamboree is Starting Today


For the last seven days Tulamben, in East Bali, has hosted freedivers from all around the world and all levels came to train and discover the perfect conditions of Balinese waters in the Apnea Bali One Breath Jamboree.  The One Breath Jamboree is a gathering of freedivers of all levels from Indonesia, Australia, Asia and Europe to have fun as well as to encourage them to share their experience. This is the only freediving event in the world where complete beginners will have a chance to meet and train with world champions.

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With warm, calm water, little or no current, a new freediving platform swimming-distance from shore with available depths of 150m+ and amazing views of Mount Agung, Tulamben it could quite possibly be the perfect freediving destination! The Liberty shipwreck is also very popular with everyone, as a great freediving playground for all of us during the spare time.

Freediving celebrities Miguel Lozano and Ryuzo Shinomyia were here all Pre-Jamboree Week, showing how it’s done, with successful dives to 96.7m for both of them! And they have not been role models only in freediving, but also set the mark as the most friendly, humble, easy-going and chilled guys ever!  We have also had a bunch of Personal Bests set this week! From beginners to more advanced freedivers, everybody trained hard and did a great job, congratulations to all!

In a word, it has been a great week of training and fun for everyone, from beginners to champions, and we cannot wait to share it with all the people who are joining us for the One Breath Jamboree today!!

The One Breath Jamboree starting today will be a week full of amazing Workshops and Talks given by our great Guests: Sara Campbell, Miguel Lozano, Ryuzo Shinomyia, Richard Wonka, Sahika Ercumen, Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria, Sarah Witcher, Jean-Pol Francois and Christina Saenz de Santamaria. From exhale dives, static apnea, control of the mind and diving to 100m+, to taking the perfect underwater shot, freediving with dolphins or in extreme conditions, the idea is to come and learn straight from your idols!

There will also be freediving training every day of the One Breath Jamboree week, with our Guests here to give you tips and advice in the water. And Sara Campbell herself will give sunrise Yoga and Meditation to all. Once again, at the Jamboree, beginners get the chance to learn from the very best in the field!

The Jamboree week will culminate in three days of a friendly international Competition. Maximum depth is 130m and athletes can compete in Constant Weight (CWT), Free Immersion (FIM) and Constant Weight No Fins (CNF). The Competition has World Record recognition status, and will be held under AIDA rules, with experienced International AIDA judges, competent safety divers and a platform complying with AIDA standards, equipped with all safety measures. Prize for the winner is an amazing liveaboard cruise in Indonesia provided by Pirates Bay Cruising and “Zirbad” boat. There is also an Elios tailor-made freediving wetsuit for “The Jamboree Rookie” (chosen by our Guests among the divers competing for the first time). We are expecting several National Record attempts, and the platform setup is capable of supporting World Record dive attempts.

You can find more info about the One Breath Jamboree on or stay tuned to as the official Jamboree Media Partner.

Julia Mouce
Julia Mouce
Julia Mouce, is a Patita, SSI and Apnea Total Freediving Instructor. She holds two National Records in CW and CWNF. Julia has a background in biology, sciences and competitive sports, challenging herself physically with an incredible affection for training. She has lived and work for the ocean for many years, initially working as a professional Life Guard in Argentina. Following a move to Spain she became PADI scuba instructor. She began freediving in Spain, then further developed her skills with Apnea Total, becoming a Freediving Instructor. Her passion for freediving moved her to Dahab Egypt where she became an SSI Freediving Instructor, where she worked with the famous Freedive Dahab. In Dahab she also worked as an assistant coach for Sara Campbell, world record holder and a truly amazing freediver, on her deep coaching programs. Through the years, she has successfully introduced hundreds of people to freediving in Thailand, Egypt and Bali.