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FreedivingThe One Breath Jamboree - Indonesia's first International Freediving Competition

The One Breath Jamboree – Indonesia’s first International Freediving Competition


The dates for Indonesia’s first international freediving competition have been set. The One Breath Jamboree has officially announced its inaugural annual event in Tulamben, Bali — from October 26th through November 2nd 2013.

One Breath Jamboree is a gathering of freedivers of all levels from Indonesia, Australia, Asia and Europe. Many of the world’s greatest freediving champions have confirmed their attendance and participation in all events supporting our competition  exclaims Julia Mouce, the owner of Apnea Bali (a freediving school). Confirmed participants include Miguel Lozano – the Spanish “Sequoia” of freediving,  Richard Wonka – head of AIDA for Asia, Ryuzo Shinomiya – Japanese champion, and former world champion Sara Campbell of the UK. “The One Breath Jamboree (OBJ) is a freediving event in the true spirit of the sport – one big happy family sharing fun, learning and competitive spirit in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The One Breath vision is an inspiration for the future of freediving! Personally, I am honoured and excited to be a part of it.” offers Sara Campbell, (who is also a frequent instructor at Vertical Blue).

Bali, a popular tourist place and recognized diving destination, until recently remained mostly undiscovered among freedivers. This is now changing with the opening of new freediving schools and popularization of the sport in general. “We want Bali to become a renowned freediving spot. Bali has it all: pristine reefs, amazing water conditions, depth up to 200m and is easily accessible from Asia, Europe and Australia” boasts Lukas Grabowski from Apnea Bali; (Grabowski is responsible for OBJ’s production & logistics).

During its 2 weeks OBJ will provide daily workshops and presentations on different topics concerning the science+techniques of freediving. There will be daily yoga, freediving training sessions and fun dives as well. The Jamboree will also offer 7 extra days of additional training & coaching sessions where beginners can undertake freediving courses and advanced freedivers can prepare for competition.

Freediving is the art of diving without scuba apparatus. On a single breath, with minimum equipment freedivers can reach depths of 200m with dive-times up to 5 min. A person who freedives is no longer only an observer (utterly dependent on equipment) — he or she becomes a part of the ocean. And everybody, despite the age and fitness level can enjoy it!” says Oli Christen the owner of Freedive Flow Bali; (Christen is responsible for competition & Program at OBJ).

To learn more check out OBJ’s website.

Francesca Koe
Francesca Koe
An active ocean advocate, VP of U.S. Freediving, a multi-agency dive instructor, PFI Safety Supervisor and AIDA judge, Francesca also serves as the Editor-At-Large here at You can usually find Francesca diving in the kelp, hanging out at the Farallones with sharky friends, or trying to improve upon her own PB's.