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Oslo Ice Challenge March 2009

From Elisabeth Kristoffersen:

The frozen lake”Lutvann” just outside of Oslo will be the location of the first freedivingcompetition in Norway, Oslo Ice Challenge. It will be an AIDA competition withranking, which makes it the first internationally recognized freedivingcompetition under ice. This special challenge will add a new aspect to thesport and give the competitors an experience to remember.

The ice provides extra challenges for bothcompetitors and organizers, but also some advantages. The diving response,which allows freedivers to save oxygen, becomes much stronger in cold water.The ice will work as a platform for both judges and audience to view theperformances close up, making it much more interesting to follow thecompetition. And most importantly, the ice creates a very special atmosphereunder water, giving the diving a whole different dimension.

Oslo Ice Challenge will gather freediversranging between local divers from Oslo Freediving Club to World Champions andWorld Record holders. The participants will have the chance to compete twice onSaturday 7th and once on Sunday 8th in their chosendiscipline. Following a point system which levels the disciplines, the winnerwill be the freediver with the most points from a single dive. The maximum numberof participants is set to 20, and there are still some spots left. There willalso be a special static competition for the really hard core freedivers. Theywill compete in holding their breath in the cold water, and dry suits are notallowed.

The competition willbe filmed and photographed by a couple of underwater photographers, among themDan Burton.

Press contact:  Elisabeth Kristoffersen,

Organizer: SteinarSchjager,



Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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