Thursday, July 25, 2024

PADI Launches A Limited Edition Of Its Certification Cards


PADI has announced two new, limited-edition certification cards.

The new cards’ design features the work of PADI AmbassaDiver Mike Coots, and each is made from 70% ocean-bound recycled plastic. With each card sold, PADI will donate $10 towards marine conservation charities.

This new collaboration comes on the back of the successful collaboration between PADI and Coots last summer, where they launched a collection of recycled plastic apparel.

PADI's New Certification Replacement Cards
PADI’s New Certification Replacement Cards

There are two new cards to choose from, both featuring work from shark attack survivor Coots. Divers can choose between an image of a great white shark or the dorsal fin of a lemon shark taken at sunset.

Commenting on the second collaboration, Coots said:

“Losing a leg to a shark changed my life instantly, and I would not have wanted it any differently. After the attack, I learned a lot about what sharks were doing to humans and had no idea what we were doing to sharks, or why we need them for a healthy ocean. I feel compelled in my unique situation to be a voice for sharks and to champion their protection. I’m thankful to partner with PADI to amplify that voice.”

While Lisa Nicklin, the Vice President of Consumer Marketing for PADI Worldwide, stated:

“We’re thrilled to continue our collaboration with shark advocate Mike Coots to launch our new, recycled certification cards and provide divers with yet another way to protect what they love. Not only does the US$10 donation from the recycled certification cards directly support marine conservation, but they are also an important tool to help people rethink the shark – a species critical to the health of our oceans and a species that is in dire need of our help.”

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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