Patrick Musimu teams up with Karol Meyer in Bonaire

Brazilian freediver and  worldrecord holder Karol Meyer arrivesin Bonaire in July, and with her, Belgian Freediver Patrick Musimu.

The project, called “Freediving Bonaire 2009”, hasthe objective of breaking new South American records and also achieve thesecond best performance in the world, by diving to 100 meters on the variableweight discipline on Klein Bonaire Island. 

Karol Meyer became famous when she brokethree static apnea world records and one No Limit Tandem, and todayshe holds the Continental Record with a 7 minute and 8 seconds breathhold, and hasalso reached the depth of 91 metres.


She will countwith her diving partner and coach,  the famous freediver PatrickMusimu, who is hosted by SunRentals Bonaire.

Musimu settled in Bonaire in 1998 and discovered thesea at the age of 27. The people, the island and its sandy beaches triggered hispassion for it and a freediver was born. After various world records,  the diving career of Patrick Musimu reached aculminate point with a depth record of 209,6 meters in Egypt 2005.  During his dives he uses a revolutionaryequalizing technique, flooding his air cavities such as ears and sinuses withwater.


Karol Meyer and Patrick Musimu have been collaboratingsince 2002.  Patrick says of Karol: “Karolhas a wonderful personality and has the ability to become the deepest femalediver on earth. Her passion for the art of freediving is an inspiration formany”.

Lately, their collaboration has evolved into apartnership as both divers have decided to join their effort and break TandemNo Limit world records.