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Three new British Women's National Freediving Records

Three new Women’s National Records were set on Sunday 31st May at the2nd Great Camberwell Breath Hold in Camberwell Pool, Central London.The Freediving pool competition, organised by athlete and UK recordholder Liv Philip saw freedivers from all over the UK the world,compete in static, dynamic and dynamic no-fins disciplines.
Inthe run up to the World Indoor Freediving Championships in Aarhus inDenmark in August, some of the more experience athletes were using theevent to help qualify. Alongside them were many new athletes who werecompeting for the first time. Organiser Liv Philip says ‘we wanted tocreate a competition with a different atmosphere that would bemotivating and encouraging for athletes to produce really goodperformances and not be put off by tension and competition nerves’. Thegirls especially took full advantage of the calm atmosphere – whichis reflected by the results and 3 New National records were set duringthe day.
The first record of the day went to Georgina Millerwho did an excellent static breath hold of 5:46 putting, 11 seconds onLiv’s existing record. The next record went to MandyBuckley with a swim of 140m to set a new Dynamic-with-Finrecord. Both athletes gaining their first National record and beatingtheir male counterparts by some measure. The final record came right atthe end of the day seeing Liv Philip break her own existing record andswim 106m dynamic-no-fins to gain her 8th National record inFreediving. ‘I was very happy to do it as it was tough combiningcompeting and organising’.
The overall Winners with combinedscores from 2 disciplines were Georgina Miller for the Women and ChrisHolmes for the men, who was competing for the first time in a nationalcompetition, completing a static of 4:51 and a nice dynamic of 133m.
Thenext competition on the UK freediving calendar is the ‘Salt-Free DoubleDip’, the UK’s only national depth competition held at NDAC in Athletes get to choose 2 freediving depth disciplines over twodays. For more information on learning to free dive contact Liv Philipon
The event was supported by Fusion Lifestyle, Diving Matrix, Eat Natural Bars and the British Freediving Association.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.