Performance Freediving Endorses USAA

Canadian based Performance Freediving, a leader in freedive instruction, has endorsed the formation of the not for profit United States Apnea Association (USAA) in a recent announcement.

"The members of Performance Freediving wholeheartedly support the USAA and will work closely with them in any way we can to help elevate the awareness, safety and participation in freediving within North America." said Kirk Krack of Performance Freediving.

Krack, is also the President/Founder of the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea, or CAFA, the Canadian AIDA affiliate, and is an AIDA Executive Member. "We look forward to the (USAA’s) continued growth and success into the future and for those interested, your biggest contribution is in becoming a member of USAA to show your support and have your ideas and opinions matter."

You can visit Performance Freediving’s website at and CAFA’s web site at