The car manufacturer Peugeot has taken to featuring Freediving and top Underwater Photographer Daan Verhoeven in their UK advert for their new SUV.

In addition to talking about the great features of the car, Daan talks to the audience about Freediving – how he got into the sport and why he loves it so much.

Also featured in the video is the stunning diving in Cornwall that Daan and his partner, British Champion Freediver, Georgina Miller, regularly take students out in as part of their Freediving School – Aquacity Freediving.

You can see the new advert below:

To find out more about Daan & Aquacity Freediving on their website.  You can also find out more about the new Peugeot SUV here.


  1. This is mad – prepare to see more inexperienced freedivers die-
    Just go to a dive shop buy mask and snorkel and some fins and a lead belt and get in your peugeot and then go and see if you can discover SWB-
    Only good thing it is the end of the summer so all the snorkellers wont be buying lead belts and taking up freediving- Another major contribution to potential freedive deaths
    do you honestly think people will go and find a freedive school when all they need is lead weights and hold their breath…………………

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