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Princeton Tec Will Launch New LED Technology at DEMA

Princeton Impact XL Princeton Tec, leading manufacturer of scuba diving lighting since 1980, is taking L.E.D. technology to the next level. For fall 2003 Princeton Tec is introducing the new Impact XL LED light- the first true high output L.E.D. dive light.

The Impact XL leaves all other L.E.D. dive lights in the dark and demystifies the theory that more L.E.D.’s are required to produce more light. Dive lights not only require a lot of brightness but the ability to shine for a distance due to the affect that water has on the beam that a flashlight produces. The Impact XL utilizes a focused single watt side emitting L.E.D. that works with a reflector to throw a beam which rivals the output of competing Xenon and Halogen lights. "We have seen many different styles of ‘multiple’ LED lights being promoted for diving. These lights simply produce a lot of light in a restricted viewing area, where as the Impact XL uses a single high intensity 1 watt LED which allows the user to throw a beam and spot an object at distance, which is similar to the lighting of a traditional incandescent dive light" says Michael Fattori, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Princeton Tec.

The innovative rubber over molded grip allows the light to fit comfortably in your hand and ensures you’ll be able to hold the light even under the most demanding circumstances. With a bulb life rating of 10,000 hours, and more than 50 hours of useful light on (4) fresh AA cell alkaline batteries, the rugged and impact resistant Impact XL is ready to illuminate marine life like no other dive light on the market.

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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