Forgot to initial your wet suit before getting in the water, or need to mark a piece of equipment, all the way down on your dive? Sakura of America has the answer.

The company’s Solid Markers can be used underwater and on wet surfaces.

They are alcohol based with a 3- to 5-minute drying time, but instead of evaporating, the paint solidifies.

The Solid Markers have a shelf life (when properly capped after each use) of 5-8 years.

Sakura of America’s markers come in 11 colors, of which 9 are resistant to fading in the sun.

The Solid Markers were being offered at this year’s DEMA Show for the price of only $2.59-$2.89 (~2.35-2.62 Euros) each.

For more info, check out the Sakura of America website.

— by Vaclav Havlik

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