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Which Is The Perfect Scuba Diving Wetsuit For You?


A Scuba Diving wetsuit can make a night or day difference to your experience underwater. The best scuba diving wetsuits are a joy to use, are easy to get on and off keep nice and toastie through the whole dive. A bad wetsuit, on the other, can turn diving into an awful experience no matter the marine life. An ill-fitting suit will be cold since it fails to trap water next to your skin. They also tend to struggle to get on and off; in many cases, you will need help from a buddy to get your suit on or off. So which are the best scuba diving wetsuits on the market today?

Best Shorty Wetsuit: Fourth Element Xenos 3mm

Scuba Diving Wetsuits - Fourth Element Xenos 3mm
Scuba Diving Wetsuits – Fourth Element Xenos 3mm

The Fourth Element Xenos 3mm shorty is one of the best scuba diving wetsuits on the market today. Part of the Xenos system it is perfect alone in warm waters, or it can be paired with other Fourth Element suits to create a layered system in colder waters. Made from stretch neoprene throughout it is supremely comfortable. The snug-fitting suit is comfortable yet robust, featuring blind stitched seams that are double-glued for longevity. The Xenos has a version for men and a version for women. Features of the Fourth Element, Xenos 3mm shorty, include:

  • Designed to be quickly put on and taken off.
  • Smoothskin seals at the arms and thighs to reduce water ingress and keep the diver warm even in the tropics.
  • The double Smoothskin zip flap is also designed to reduce flush through and keep the wearer warm.
  • The men’s version is available in 7 different sizes.
  • The Women Version is available in 8 different.

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Best Tropical Wetsuit: Aqualung HYDROFLEX 1mm

Scuba Diving Wetsuits - Aqualung HYDROFLEX 1mm
Scuba Diving Wetsuits – Aqualung HYDROFLEX 1mm

If you are diving in warm water but want the protection of a full suit without the restrictions of a thick wetsuit. The Aqualung HydroFlex 1mm is the best scuba diving wetsuit for tropical waters. The suit is extremely comfortable, with the inner material being ultra-soft and supple. This softness also makes putting on and taking off the Aqualung HydroFlex 1mm a breeze. The suit also has environmental credentials since it is made from neoprene, which has no petroleum product. Features of the Aqualung HydroFlex 1mm include:

  • Powertex Kneepads for additional abrasion protection when kneeling; the material is highly flexible and does not sacrifice flexibility.
  • Reinforced chest panel to provide additional protection from both abrasion and wind.
  • Liquid rubber seams keep the diver warm by reducing the flow of water in the suit to a minimum.
  • Loop zipper for ease of donning and doffing, especially on a moving boat.
  • Dive computer traction. The left sleeve is fitted with a rough patch to prevent your computer from rotating when the neoprene compresses underwater.
  • V-shaped collar for comfort.
  • Models are available for both men and women.

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Best Medium Wetsuit 5mm: Cressi Comfort

Scuba Diving Wetsuit - Cressi Comfort
Scuba Diving Wetsuit – Cressi Comfort

If you are looking for a medium-weight wetsuit suitable for colder waters and some tropical and sub-tropical waters, the Cressi Comfort is one of the best scuba diving wetsuits that ticks all those boxes. The suit is made from a highly elastic material that ensures a snug, comfortable fit and warmth by minimizing water flush through. The Cressi Comfort is typically sold in a 5 mm version; however, if you dive in colder water or are particularly prone to cold, this is a 7mm available. Features of the Cressi Comfort include:

  • Made with Ultraspan© external lining for increased durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • The inside features the X-Plush© lining, which offers thermal protection and makes putting the suit on and off a breeze.
  • Additional abrasion resistance at prone areas like shoulders, shins, and buttocks is provided with Small Diamond© reinforcement.
  • Micromuffs at the wrist, neck, and ankles for comfort and reduction of water flush through.
  • Tatex® reinforcements to reduce wear and tear in high-wear areas on the knee and tibia.
  • The optional 5 mm hood features an air drain valve to allow excess air trapped in the hood to escape.

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Best Semidry wetsuit: Scubapro Novascotia Semi-Dry

SCUBAPRO Nova Scotia

Semi-Dry suits are an excellent alternative for divers who venture into colder waters yet don’t want the hassle of a drysuit. In terms of suits, it does not get much better than the Scubapro Novascotia Semi-Dry. The suit is guaranteed to keep you toastie with its CE class A certification, which means it is designed for waters ranging from 7C/45F to 12C/54F. The Scubapro Novascotia Semi-Dry varies in thickness between 7.6/6.5 mm in different areas for maximum warmth while maintaining flexibility and ease of movement. Features of the Scubapro Novascotia Semi-Dry include:

  • Easy Zip waterproof YKK Aquaseal Vislon zipper to eliminate water ingress through the suit zipper.
  • Blind stitch seams create an impenetrable barrier eliminating water entry through the seams.
  • A fold under neck seal not only significantly reduces water trickles but is very comfortable at the same time.
  • Double zippered seals on the wrists and ankles, including KA brass sliders. These ensure ease of donning and doffing as well as unparalleled water tightness.
  • Kneepads and shoulder pads that feature additional abrasion-resistant rubber patches with attractive prints.
  • For additional warmth and flexibility, a plush interior liner in the legs, shoulder, and arm areas.
  • Lower back cushioning to protect the back where the scuba tank would sit.
  • I-Safe straps on the arms enable easy mounting of various instruments (dive computers, compasses, and such).
  • A large 3D pocket on the right thigh for storing additional gear.
  • The Scubapro Novascotia is available for men and women.

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Best Budget Wetsuit: Neosport Neoprene Backzip Jumpsuits

Regarding a wetsuit on a budget, the Neosport Neoprene Backzip Jumpsuits stands out as one of the best scuba diving wetsuits on the market. The low-cost suits are no slouch on the features front and offer a host of features more normally associated with premium-priced wetsuits. The men’s and women’s versions of the suits feature abrasion-resistant kneepads and adjustable neck collars for optimum comfort. Features of the Neosport Neoprene Backzip Jumpsuits include:

  • Made from soft premium neoprene for comfort and warmth.
  • Robust, heavy-duty #10 YKK back zip.
  • Thermally bonded kneepads for additional abrasion protection.
  • Glued and sewn seams for long-lasting durability.
  • Wrist and ankle seals are made from spandex.
  • Adjustable Velcro collar for additional comfort.
  • Internal key pocket to take your personal keys diving.

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