Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sea Experience Expanding ECO PRO Program


Sea Experience has announced that it is expanding its ECO PRO program.

The new, improved course for 2024 will include a four-part pre-course online section and an exciting new shark diving section. The six-day course is comprised of the following classroom and open water sessions:

Classroom Sessions:

  • Assessing Coral Reef Health: The Benthos & Invertebrate Community.
  • Assessing Coral Reef Health: Benthic Survey Methods.
  • Assessing Coral Reef Health: Fish Community Ecology.
  • Citizen Science for Divers: Turning Passion into Purpose.
  • Coral Reef Restoration: The Science and Practice.
  • Sharks in Depth: Ecology, Conservation & Ecotourism.
  • Perfecting the Customer Experience: The Art and Science of Coral Reef Interpretation.

Open Water Sessions:

  • Benthic Community Orientation
  • Benthic Survey Methods
  • Assessing Reef Community Health part 1.
  • Assessing Reef Community Health part 2.
  • Reef Fish Identification & Behavior part 1.
  • Reef Fish Identification & Behavior part 2.
  • REEF Roving Diver Survey part 1.
  • REEF Roving Diver Survey part2.
  • Shark Behavior and Identification.

According to course creator and lead instructor Dr. Alex Brylske:

“The addition of online training enabled us to add in demand and important new content yet still keep the live portion of the course at six days. We are especially excited to add the Ocean First Institute’s new program, Sustainable Dive Leader, to the online repertoire. This means that someone can begin ECO PRO training at home as soon as they enroll. ECO PRO is a very hands-on course. We spend about as much time in the ocean as in the classroom.”

While Bill Cole, the owner of Sea Experience, added:

“We have strived to be in the forefront of instructor career training for over thirty years now and this update of a very successful and much requested course/credential was an easy decision to make. Our location on the wonderful reefs of south Florida is a perfect backdrop to put all these hands-on activities to bare. Protecting our underwater environment is important for any future career instructor or professional. And who better to teach it than the man who wrote the book on instructor training – Alex Brylske!” 

You can check out a video about the new course below or go to seaxp.com.

ECO PRO: Preparing Dive Professionals for the 21st Century
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