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Sea&Sea's New Motor Marine III Allow Any UW Photographer to Shoot Like a Pro

The Sea & Sea Motor Marine III, isn’t just the latest underwater camera from the Global Leaders in Underwater Imaging Gear. The Motor Marine III represents a major advance in underwater photography thanks to several new features introduced for the first time with this impressive product.

Like all Sea & Sea products, the Motor Marine III is built for function, comfort and performance. Each Motor Marine III comes with a standard 20mm F3.8 lens, which is ideal for capturing versatile underwater images. The lens provides an exceptional level of freedom and creativity for users of all skill levels.

The most versatile underwater film camera ever produced, the Motor Marine III offers the revolutionary TWO-POINT focusing system that allows the user to set a focus range-greater or closer than three feet. The camera’s advanced technology helps insure that out of focus shots become a thing of the past.

The Motor Marine III also offers a revolutionary target light system which is built into the sturdy MMIII housing and assists the photographer in properly framing their shots. The target light shines when the shutter release is depressed half way. This important attribute, when combined with the revolutionary TWO-POINT focusing system, makes it simple for users to take underwater photos confidently with every shot.

"Traditional underwater photographers will appreciate the many options weve built into the Motor Marine III," says Ron Pavelka, General Manager of Sea & Sea USA. "Our development team literally talked with thousands of underwater photographers around the globe to make an underwater film camera that combined the features and performance needed to take great images every time. Weve succeeded with the Motor Marine III."

Owners of Nikonos systems will appreciate the fact that the MMIII will work with any Nikonos V-type system. The 5-pin, N-type strobe connector assembly allows for true TTL photography. The specially designed TTL strobe bracketing adjustment located on the back of the housing allows users to adjust the flash without having to look away from the viewfinder. With seven different TTL adjustment modes to select from, incorrect flash settings will quickly become a thing of the past for MMIII users.

Another popular feature of the Motor Marine III is the digital backlit film counter. Conveniently placed on the top of the housing, this feature provides LED displays that make it easy for the user to track such things as exposure levels, battery output and shutter speed. This is especially useful for divers in low-light or night diving situations.

A rugged two-tone underwater camera housing is lighter than previous models and delivers exceptional performance to depth of up to 200 feet. The housing design was created specifically for underwater photographers with easy to find controls and simple instructions.

The Motor Marine III has a suggested retail price of $899 and is available now from your nearest Sea & Sea retailer. The Motor Marine III is designed to work with a number of popular Sea & Sea accessories including the 15mm wide conversion lens, and the 2T and 3.5T macro lenses which can all be changed underwater during a dive. Other accessories for the MMIII include the popular YS-90TTL/N strobe and Seaarm VI.

The Motor Marine III is the latest impressive tool from Sea & Sea that allows you to capture the images you’ve always had tucked away in the back of your imagination. For more details on the entire line of Sea & Sea Underwater Imaging Gear, visit the Sea & Sea website at

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