Sebastien Murat announces 700ft No Limits Dive for 2012

Sebastien Murat, the Australian Freediver known to specialize in techniques to maximize the mammalian diving response, has announced a No Limits (NLT) dive to 700ft / 214m to be held in Bali, Indonesia in 2012.

Sebastien has previously appeared on Discovery Channel’s One Step Beyond: Super Diver and the ABC´s Catalyst: Human Sub.

The dives are being undertaken with a new and ground-breaking biomimetic technology which, like in hibernating bears and diving seals, has the capability to induce an altered and depressed metabolic state.

Murat also claims that the technology has possible medical usage as it has the potential to treat a broad variety of major life-threatening conditions, such as, for example, stroke, cardiac arrest, seizures, brain and spinal trauma.

Details of the technology will be released at the same time as the record attempt.

More details can be found on

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Stephan Whelan
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