Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sex Mad Sea Lion Scores at 80


“A virulent California sea lion has amazed marine experts by becoming a dad for the 30th time.

At 21, human age 80, Boris this week fathered two pups, Hugo and Nona in the pool at Chessington World of Adventures in the UK. This came as somewhat of a surprise for his keepers, who thought his greying gills and whiskers meant he would be giving up such pursuits.

Boris’ virility is believed to be the result of his appetite. He consumes 9kg of mackerel and sprats everyday, which has pushed him into the heavyweight division at an impressive 300 kilos.

A spokesman for Chessington World of Adventures said, “We were amazed when we discovered he was going to be a dad again. We were thinking he was slowing down. I don’t know where he has found the energy.”

“”It is like he is the Hugh Hefner of the animal kingdom and doesn’t know when to stop – perhaps someone slipped a viagra in the pool.

Whatever it is that keeps Boris going, his strength is testament to the work being done at Chessington, which is part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, which works towards the preservation of the species in the wild, which is today endangered.


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