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Shearwater Showcases Upgraded Teric Wrist Dive Computer, NERD 2

Shearwater is showcasing their upgraded colored Teric wrist dive computer at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida.

Over the years, Shearwater only offered a sharp black watch bezel, but now they have blue and silver bezels in addition to multiple color bands to personalize your watch for your dive or everyday wear.

According to Curt McNamee, US sales representative from Shearwater:

“People seem to be color conscious these days.” 

Shearwater is also promoting the company’s Near Eye Remote Display 2 (NERD) to Public Safety Divers. Shearwater recognizes that professional divers are truly utilizing this compact, hands-free technology for the challenging conditions they are often find while diving.

In a YouTube video, the company highlights a team of cold-water Public Safety Divers, and showcases how they truly put the NERD 2 to the test. In the video, the Public Safety Divers say the NERD 2:

“Provides us with a more efficient way to get our information without having to stop and pull out a gauge. . . . Having it in front of our face providing a higher level of safety.”

McNamee explained that the focal point is set to 14 feet (4.27 meters):

“A diver can press it against their mask and it won’t be blurry. Thats why it works.” 

The dive computer retails for US$1095 (~994 Euros); the transmitter is $350 (~318 Euros); the NERD 2 retails for $1550 (~1408 Euros) and the rail mount is $200 (~182 Euros).

For more info, go to the Shearwater website or check out the Shearwater Youtube video below.

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
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